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Our dream of Maisey Bean is slowly becoming reality. With some financial support, we can truly expand.

With some new supplies and equipment, we will be able to produce our one of a kind creations more efficiently. We still have tons of ideas we want to bring to life but require some additional help. Click the "donate" button below to be directed to our GoFundMe page to read more about our story and make a contribution. Thank you in advance!



Here is an overview of exactly what our plans will be with the generous donations we receive. 


What we need:


Our stash of vintage fabrics is dwindling and soon we will need to replenish with fun, new fabrics. Using and combing new prints and patterns keeps each item truly unique and one of a kind.


Space and organization has been a struggle. We are crammed into a small room and organizing all of our supplies has been difficult. We need to reorganize our office/workplace to make production much smoother.


Equipment. The machines we are using have gotten us this far but we are needing industrial use machines. Mom's machine is 22 years old! These machines are not made for what we are needing them for. Time for an upgrade.


We have been lucky enough to have many supplies already on hand but will need to upgrade our tools.


We want to be able to buy our supplies locally. Supporting U.S. based and community businesses is important to us.


We have a lot of pride and confidence in our products especially in terms of quality so having the right equipment is a necessity.


We also hope to one day employ someone who shares the same values, determination and love of the craft as we do.

Your support helps Maisey Bean grow and develop. We are a new, small business with big ideas we can't wait to showcase. Thank you again for your support!

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